CHF Deck Co.

Your Trusted Deck & Patio Builder in Montgomery County, Maryland

Are you looking to build a new deck or patio? How about a screened porch? CHF Construction provides decking solutions that add value to your property and give you a comfortable, stylish outdoor oasis where you can entertain your guests, set up a BBQ or simply soak up the sun on a lazy Sunday.

To build a beautiful deck, a lot of things must go right, including material selection, design, construction and people working on your project. CHF Construction delivers great results, on time, and within your budget.

Our Projects


How are you planning to utilize that extra space in the front or back of your home? If building a deck is the first thing on your mind, speak to our deck builders in Maryland for expert advice. We build decks with a purpose to improve your property’s aesthetics and increase its resale value. If you have a vision for your perfect outdoor getaway, let us know so that we can plan, design and make your vision a reality.


CHF Construction is one of the customer-first patios and deck builders in Frederick that build decks that give you an impressive outdoor space that last a lifetime. Discuss your requirements with us to get a free price quote.